Android Auto Making Phones Painfully Slow, Keeps Running in the Background

While Android Auto is the kind of application that kind of grows on you despite all the bugs it comes with, there are certain occasional problems that make it really impossible to use it on a daily basis.
LG Velvet 5G phone 1 photo
And one of them has recently been reported on Google’s forums, causing devices where the app is installed to be significantly slower.

Very important to know is that at this time, this glitch doesn’t seem to be very widespread, and I’m seeing only occasional reports on it. But on the other hand, there’s a chance it only affects a certain phone model, in which case the impact is substantially reduced.

So what happens this time is Android Auto apparently forgetting to shut down all of its services, so the app keeps running in the background even after the phone is disconnected from the head unit.

But what’s worse is that it makes the device itself feel terribly slow, in which case only a complete reboot brings things back to normal.

At this point, it looks like only the LG Velvet Android phone is affected, though it’ll certainly be interesting to monitor this report and see if other models are hit too.

According to one user, the whole thing was introduced in the November update for Android Auto (version 5.8), though it’s not yet clear if downgrading to an earlier version fixes the performance issue.

With the latest update to Android Auto on my new LG Velvet (LM-G900TM) using Android 10, my phone connects okay, Auto runs great, but when disconnected, the phone drags horribly, like Auto is still running in the background. The only solution is to reboot my phone, and then the phone runs fine. I connect to my car, everything is okay. Auto works great. But get to my destination, unplug, and the phone drags again,” one user explains.

No workaround is known to exist at this point, and Google is yet to acknowledge the problem.


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