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Android Auto Gets Big Update, Highly-Anticipated Feature Included

If you’re a long-time Android Auto user, you probably know already that one of the biggest features missing from the app is support for dual-SIM devices.
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Android Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interface
In other words, while Android Auto works just fine when a dual-SIM Android device is used to power the whole experience, users couldn’t choose a specific SIM when making a call.

Obviously, this more or less defeated the purpose of having dual-SIM support in the first place, so Google earlier this year promised to deal with this big shortcoming. Back in September, the company confirmed it was working on dual-SIM support for Android Auto, though at that time, no ETA was provided as to when the feature could start rolling out.

As it turns out, the latest beta version of Android Auto does include this highly anticipated release, with users here on reddit revealing they’re now prompted to choose what SIM they want to use when making a call.

The whole thing works exactly as you’d expect it to work. After connecting a dual-SIM Android device to a head unit, Android Auto prompts users to choose the SIM they want to use for making phone calls and messages. The process is very straightforward overall, and the dual-SIM feature shows up after installing the latest Android Auto 7.1 update.

However, it looks like some polishing here and there is still required, as some say that sending messages isn’t always working properly, and in some cases, reconnecting the mobile device is required.

The rollout of this version is currently underway, so if the feature isn’t yet live on your device, your best option is to just download and install Android Auto 7.1 manually. To do this, download the APK installer from this page, and when you’re ready, reconnect the device to your head unit.

Google hasn’t publicly announced the new dual-SIM support in Android Auto, and of course, the release notes for the latest version don’t include any information in this regard.


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