Android Auto Fails to Detect Car Hotspots, Investigation Under Way

Using Android Auto wirelessly has become quite a challenge for some users, as they discovered that the app no longer detects their car’s hotspot, therefore not being able to connect to the Internet.
Android Auto home screen 1 photo
A discussion thread on Google’s forums reveals that the same thing happens in various cars, including Chevrolet and BMW, regardless of the Android device that’s used to power Android Auto.

Users explain that phones are able to connect to hotspots in their cars properly, though Android Auto somehow fails to detect the connection despite the Android settings page not signaling any problems.

As it turns out, however, the problem has been introduced by a recent Android Auto update, with someone on the forums explaining that the whole thing first occurred after installing the new version shipped in February this year.

All users who came across this glitch confirm it’s only happening when trying to run Android Auto wirelessly, as everything is working correctly when the Android device is connected to the car with a cable.

The good news is that a Google Community Specialist claims the issue has already been forwarded to the Android Auto team, so an investigation has already started. But on the other hand, there’s no ETA as to when a fix could land, so of course, you’d better not hold your breath for a workaround at this point.

Is there anything you can do in the meantime? Not really, as the typical fixes that include things like downgrading to an earlier Android Auto version, clearing the cache and the data, and resetting the current configuration don’t seem to make any difference in the cars where the hotspot isn’t detected.

On the other hand, a new Android Auto version is projected to go live these days, with the focus to be on under the hood improvements and various fixes. It remains to be seen if this hotspot experience is further polished in any way though.


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