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Android Auto Clearly Doesn’t Feel at Home on Android 12

Android 12 is obviously a very anticipated software release for users whose devices are powered by Google’s mobile operating system.
Android 12 brings more struggles for Android Auto users 6 photos
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And this makes perfect sense, as every new Android version comes with significant improvements and new features that further upgrade the mobile experience overall.

As far as Android Auto is concerned, however, Android 12 doesn’t bring anything new on this front. And unfortunately, this new mobile operating system seems to be doing more harm than good, as more and more people are complaining of various problems after installing it.

Not a long time ago, Google itself acknowledged the very first Android Auto bug on Android 12, as app notifications were completely broken in the car after installing the new operating system version.

And now it looks like some people can’t even get Android Auto to run at all, while others say the app is launching but turns to a black screen seconds after that.

In some cases, Android Auto freezes when users launch various apps like Google Maps and Waze, while others say they monitored the CPU and RAM usage and noticed a major spike when the phone was connected to the head unit in a car. In other words, the phone is running out of memory and kills the Android Auto process, therefore causing a black screen and eventually a crash.

At this point, Google is yet to acknowledge this problem as well, though it’s probably just a matter of time until the company starts investigating the black screen glitch anyway.

Unfortunately, no workaround seems to exist right now. Since the problem is caused by Android 12, the only thing that could get Android Auto to work is a downgrade to the previous version of the operating system. Obviously, this isn’t very convenient (not to mention straightforward) for the average Joe, so fingers crossed for Google to come up with a fix in the next operating system update.


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