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Android Auto Bug Plaguing Nissan Cars as Owners Are Losing Their Patience

A nearly two-year-old Android Auto bug is still plaguing a series of Nissan models. Despite an update already released to resolve it in specific cars, owners claim getting the update is a major pain in the neck.
The new update installed in a 2019 Rogue 1 photo
More specifically, not only the update isn’t available for all affected Nissan models, but dealerships also appear to be reluctant to installing it unless the owner specifically insists on it.

I just got back from my Nissan dealership (417 Ottawa). They were willing to ‘try’ the software update 9010 (or perhaps 9012) on my vehicle (1 week old 2020 Rogue), but said it would be "at my own risk" and that if the firmware bricked the unit it would be my expense... Obviously not a solution I was willing to accept on a 1 week old car,” one Nissan owner explained.

I am unable to get a dealer to update my vehicle, and Nissan Customer Care USA does not seem to be aware that Google has identified the required Nissan software fix. Google, please update the vehicle list so that Nissan can issue a TSB/recall,” someone else continued.

The original update release notes published in August last year indicated the Android Auto fix was specifically aimed at the 2019 Sentra, and it was supposed to resolve the music skipping error many drivers were dealing with. But according to various Nissan customers, the issue affects more models than just the Sentra, and at this point, the carmaker itself doesn’t seem to be acknowledging this.

A new update, for example, also appears to be available for the 2019 Rogue, and owners confirm the Android Auto issue is gone.

Just got the update 0910 for Rogue 2019 SV from Burlington Nissan @canada ON,” one Nissan customer says. “After 2 hours testing no issue.

At the time of writing, many Nissan customers are still left to struggle with the Android Auto bug, and with the company itself remaining tight-lipped on the whole thing, it’s still not clear who is getting the update and who doesn’t. More importantly, no one knows when is the glitch supposed to be resolved once and for all.


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