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Android Auto Audio Problem Now Hitting Samsung’s Number One Device

Samsung Galaxy Note20 is the best of the best the South Korean company currently has to offer in terms of mobile devices, and needless to say, it’s also able to run Android Auto since it’s powered by Google’s operating system.
Samsung Galaxy Note20 6 photos
Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20Samsung Galaxy Note20
But as it turns out, the Note20 is already experiencing the first issues on Android Auto, as some users have started complaining that whenever they launch a music playing app, there’s no audio coming out through the speakers.

This is an issue that has previously been reported with other phones too, and just like before, listening to music works just fine with a Bluetooth connection (without Android Auto running on the head unit).

Users explain on Google’s forums that everything works perfectly except for Android Auto.

I have the new Note 20 Ultra. When I connect to Android Auto I can select something like Google Play Music or YouTube Music (or any other source) and there is no sound. The display shows that it's playing but there is nothing. If I unplug the phone and use the Bluetooth connection, the music plays fine. Even when I can't play music, phone calls work as expected while using Android Auto,” someone says.

A member of the Android Auto team has already confirmed that the issue has been “forwarded to the rest of the team,” but for the time being, it’s too early to tell if a fix is on its way or not.

I’m also using Android Auto with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, but in my case, the experience has been completely flawlessly from one end to another.

The first time I configured Android Auto I was prompted to update all the necessary apps, and after the initial setup, both the navigation and music players loaded properly.

One thing I’d recommend is sticking with the cable that Samsung included in the box with the Note20, as poor cords are known for causing a wide range of issues on Android Auto.


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