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Android Auto and CarPlay Rival Possibly in the Works

More and more tech giants are becoming interested in the car sector, though few are actually discussing their plans in this regard.
Meizu too is seeking an expansion in the car sector 1 photo
So while everybody knows that an Apple Car is coming, the Cupertino-based tech giant has remained tight-lipped on everything. Xiaomi did confirm it’s working on an EV, but no further specifics have been shared, while people with knowledge of the matter said Huawei, OPPO, and others are also planning their own cars with no official confirmation ever provided.

In the meantime, it looks like another technology company is seeking a possible expansion in the car industry, though this time, the approach could be a little different.

Meizu, the company mostly known for its affordable phones, has recently trademarked a system called “Flyme for Car” along with no less than 42 types of design research. Flyme is the name of Meizu’s custom Android operating system installed on smartphones sold in China.

A Chinese report indicates this new system could be an alternative to Android Auto and CarPlay. In theory, Meizu doesn’t want to conquer the automotive industry with its own vehicle but become an important player with the help of a system that would overhaul the modern infotainment capabilities.

Earlier this year, Meizu was involved in a similar Flyme for Car partnership with Mini, but up to this point, the company hasn’t shared full information on what exactly it plans to achieve with this project.

So right now, Flyme for Car can be anything from an Android Auto and CarPlay alternative to a full vehicle platform that could power the next-generation capabilities, including self-driving.

Needless to say, taking such reports with a healthy pinch of salt is definitely recommended, especially as the involved companies are trying to avoid spilling the beans on their projects for now.

Meizu itself doesn’t want to discuss its Flyme for Car strategy with the press, so expect more information on it to make the headlines as more evidence of the company’s automotive expansion plans is discovered.


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