Android 11 Update Knocks Out Android Auto Regardless of Car Model

Android 11 was officially announced last year, and since then, phone makers have been working around the clock to bring this OS update to their devices.
Android Auto displaying a warning sign after Android 11 update 1 photo
Nokia has recently published the Android 11 update for more of its smartphones, but this new release doesn’t come with good news on the Android Auto front, as some users discovered.

More specifically, there are posts on Google’s forums (here and here) and on Nokia’s support board indicating that installing Android 11 breaks down Android Auto down to a point where no connection is allowed.

The head unit ends up displaying just a big warning sign when the phone is connected to the head unit, and this happens regardless of car model, as users have confirmed the same behavior in Skoda, Opel, Volkswagen, Volvo, and others.

While a member of the Android Auto team says the issue is currently under investigation, some users discovered that installing version 6.1 of the app resolves the problem. However, this Android Auto update doesn’t seem to do the trick for everybody, so we’ve reached out to Google for additional information on what exactly is happening and when we can expect a fix.

For the time being, there’s not much you can do if you already installed Android 11 on your Nokia device, but the first thing you should try is updating Android Auto to version 6.1.

This new release comes with major improvements anyway, including support for wallpapers, so you can now choose a new background for the home screen. Of course, this is only the case if Android Auto actually launches in your car, as the aforementioned bug causes the app to display only the big warning sign with no way to get past this screen.

You can find both older and the latest Android Auto versions on this page if you want to update to the newest release or downgrade to a previous build.


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