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Android 11 Update Breaks Down Android Auto on 2021 Ford F-150

Android 11 was announced with much fanfare by Google in mid-2020, and since then, more and more Android device makers rushed to deliver this update to their customers.
2021 Ford F-150 interior 6 photos
2021 Ford F-150 interior2021 Ford F-150 interior2021 Ford F-150 interior2021 Ford F-150 interior2021 Ford F-150 interior
On the other hand, 2021 Ford F-150 owners might want to wait a little bit more before installing Android 11 on their smartphones, as the update appears to be causing quite a mess in their cars.

Some say Android Auto is no longer detected after installing Android 11, while others claim the wireless mode has been completely broken down in their 2021 F-150. Ironically, Android 11 brings major wireless mode improvements for Android Auto, as it unlocks this feature for all devices; previously, wireless connections were only available on Google Pixel and Samsung phones.

At this point, it looks like Samsung phones are mostly hit by the problem. The South Korean company started offering the Android 11 update in December 2020 for its flagship lineup of devices, including Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note20, S10, and Note10. All are now reportedly struggling with Android Auto in a 2021 F-150, with no workaround known to exist.

I have the same issue. 2021 Ford F-150 and Samsung Galaxy S20. It worked fine at first until, like others have reported, my phone updated to Android 11. After that, it's a no go. The only way to get it to ‘work’ is to delete data EVERY time I get in the truck and have to re-setup AA. This is a pain and also hit or miss,” one user explains on Google’s forums where several F-150 owners are complaining of the same problem after installing Android 11 on their devices.

The good news is Google has already acknowledged the issue, and according to a member of the Android Auto, an investigation is currently underway. In other words, the search giant is looking into it, but at this point, there’s no ETA as to when a fix could land.


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