And Then You Wonder Why Drivers Hate Riders

Every now and then I see myself forced to become the devil's advocate and speak against riders. Certain fellows are only too self-righteous to admit that one cand find a lot of idiots among riders and would probably say that I should be less harsh.
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Photo: Facebook capture
To them I respond with a smile, and ask how would they feel if a driver would do to them a thing similar to the one the rider in the video below does. I believe that they'd be so startled and have their egos insulted to the point where the odds for a street brawl would rocket.

There's little to explain about this short video. A bunch of riders filter through the stuck traffic, and we're at least glad they're doing it carefully and at a low speed. However, one of the riders seems to be a major a-hole as he slaps the hand of a passenger inside a car, who was smoking and had his or her wrist resting on the open window. As it was expected, the unaware smoker drops the cigarette, while the rider filters ahead.

Being an impolite idiot cannot be excused by the "smoking's bad for your health excuse"

Like I was expecting, only a few guys reacted properly to this video. Most of them thought it was funny and laughed saying that smoking is a bad habit anyway. Well, I'd break the news to them, that it's not their goddamn business to judge the decision other guys make in their lives, and whether they like to smoke or not.

I happen to have some buddies who would almost instantaneously reply with a boot in the face to a guy doing this to them. Not that this is a solution, but given the circumstances and the most impolite intrusion in an individual's life, this might be seen as a suitable reaction.

Of course, the rider knew that there was no way the car passenger could follow him and ask for explanations. This is more like cowardice added to stupidity, and I bet my next month's wage that this a-hole rider would not have dared to do so in other circumstances.

I showed this video to a friend of mine who's not a smoker, but he agrees with me that the slap was a most rude thing. His reply was amazing: "Well, how about I was in that car and now that my right hand is free, would just grab the taser from the glovebox and shoot some 70,000 volts in that idiot's back and make him crash and pee on himself and his bike?"

I don't advocate violence and road rage, but this guy deserves a good whooping. Don't be like this idiot, this type of morons are only giving drivers extra reasons to hate riders, and this is the last thing we want.

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