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And That's How You Can Die Riding a Bike

One of the big downsides of riding a motorcycle is that things can go wrong pretty fast, sometimes so quickly that not even the most experienced riders can do anything to avoid crashes. The video below has a massive educational power, as it shows how tricky roads can be sometimes, and it also tells the story of how a rider can avoid getting into trouble.
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The black enemy makes another victimThe black enemy makes another victimThe black enemy makes another victimThe black enemy makes another victimThe black enemy makes another victim
Unfortunately, it doesn't take circumstances of epic proportions to kick the bucket while on two wheels, and this piece of footage is more than explanatory. Even in conditions that seem normal and with no apparent danger about them, a rider can't afford to let down his or her guard.

What appears to be a casual ride around the town in the relative safety of low speed and light traffic looks different to the trained, experienced motorcyclist. Even though everything seems calm and okay, the seasoned riders know better.

There's an enemy lurking around, and it is hiding in plain sight, and some call it "the black snake." The black tar lines on the road can be a real nightmare, just like their yellow cousins. A motorbike's tires can sometimes lose grip while riding across them, and from a tire that loses adherence to the asphalt to a crash, the road couldn't be shorter.

The nastiest thing about such crashes is that they seem to occur out of the blue, without too many warnings, and this goes for both the rider and the other motorists. Now, if a guy happens to ride too close to the other lanes, there's a good chance that he or she might roll in the way of other vehicles. And this doesn’t bode well at all, to say the least.

This chap was lucky and lived to tell the story. Hopefully, he spreads the word as to the "black enemy," helping other riders become wiser without learning the "stay off the black, stay off the yellow" lesson the hard way.

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