And So It Begins: Android Auto Audio Skipping Is the First Headache of 2021

Audio skipping on Android Auto isn’t necessarily something new. On the other hand, while the experience was supposed to be more polished as Google keeps shipping update after update, it’s all getting worse and more widespread.
2021 Toyota RAV4 interior 1 photo
The number of people struggling with this problem in their cars is growing, and a quick search on Google is just the living proof in this regard.

A recent discussion thread on reddit reveals the same thing is happening on Toyota’s models, too, regardless of the Android device used to power Android Auto.

Some users claim disabling power saving on Samsung smartphones and choosing a shorter cable helped bring things back to normal, but on the other hand, one Toyota owner claims they took the car to the dealership and got their USB port replaced.

I had the same issue with CarPlay on my 2020. I also noticed that when I touch the USB port or pull on the cable a bit, it would disconnect for a few seconds. I took it to the dealership and they replaced the USB port, which fixed the issue,” they say.

While this seems to suggest a hardware problem is to blame, there’s a bigger chance it’s all happening on the software side. A proper update mixed with a new and shorter cable should help improve the music listening experience on Android Auto.

For now, however, there’s no magic workaround, and the only thing you can do is just to try out these recommendations and see if they make any difference.

In the meantime, Google is working on Android Auto 6.0, a major update for the app that could go live as soon as this month. The new version is expected to introduce several highly anticipated new features, including support for wallpapers, thus allowing users to choose a new background for the UI in their cars.


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