Unmarked Police Car Forces Driver Off the Road Just Because

The police is supposed to be that institution you go to when you spot bad driving behavior, the one that should protect you from lousy drivers by making sure they don't end up on the streets in the first place, or they get penalized when they commit mistakes.
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You're supposed to trust the police officers since they're there only to serve you and the rest of the population by making sure everybody's safe and things are kept in line. Right. But since we're not eight anymore, we all know that's a whole load of bulls**t.

And don't get us wrong, we say that with the utmost regret. We'd love to feel an unconditional trust towards all the policemen in this world, but that's just impossible to do. You'll often hear the sentence "but they're just humans too, they're allowed to commit mistakes." Well, there's this thing with people who are allowed to make mistakes that don't get punished for them (as is the case with the men in blue): they tend to repeat those mistakes.

If you know you can drive like an idiot, and you know nothing will happen because, well, you would need to issue a ticket to yourself, then you'll drive like an idiot. Do that for a few weeks straight, and you won't even remember what not driving like an idiot feels like. To be fair, the same thing happens with non-police drivers who, by some chance, get away with stuff.

Down below we have exhibit number one: an unmarked police car (the white Ford Explorer) is stopped on the side of what looks like a highway ramp together with a Sheriff's car and a motorcycle highway patrol. The three were having a chat, until the white Explorer decided it was time one of them actually did some work.

It is very possible that his view in the left-hand mirror was blocked by the other officers, but when you don't see what's coming, you don't just yell "Geronimoooo" and dart ahead, right? Maybe you don't, but that's exactly what he did.

The driver does the sensible thing and brakes while also veering towards the left. Since the car was too close to avoid the impact, he opts to go off-road. Not what I would have done, but probably the better choice. Anyway, the cop (I guess he deserves this name now) still appears to be completely oblivious to what's happening behind him, as he carries on as if nothing happened. I'd be very curious to know what the driver of the camera car had to say to the other two officers still having a picnic. He'll probably say: "I knew I should have become a cop!"

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