An Illegal U-Turn Is a 100%-Sure Recipe to Cause a Horrible Motorbike Crash

Hard crash caused by idiot driver 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
I happen to know how traffic in the Georgian capital Tbilisi is, so this dashcam video is not at all surprising. In certain moments, I even wonder that people do get along in that town, instead of being involved in a perpetual road mayhem and unending chains of crashes.
The recipe is, however, universal, and has absolutely nothing to do with countries. It's never been about "bikes kill people" but about "stupid people kill people". It may sound a bit rough around the edges, but "reckless idiot" is the only thing that comes to mind watching this video.

Some were quick to speak about the speed of the rider, but I watched the video several times and, frankly, the motorcycle doesn't seem to be traveling that fast. Most likely, the illusion is created by the fact that both the camera car and the vehicle in front of it are slowing down.

If anything, I'd put my money on a speed of 70-80 km/h (43-49 mph) or so. Of course, those "who never break the law" could (and will) argue that the speed was over the limit, even though we can actually observe a road sign in the footage, reading 70 (km/h, that is).

Of course, a lower speed could have maybe helped the rider slow more or even avoid the idiot altogether, but this is not the main cause of the crash. The driver bears the entire fault for this nasty accident, as he (or she) had no business doing that u-turn, especially in that place, in front of vehicles coming down the bridge.

And I bet the driver didn't even bother to check the left mirror. For what's worth, a full logging truck could have been in place of the bike and obliterate the small car, to much direr consequences. It pays off to ride in a paranoid manner, but when the clock strikes and the idiot shows up, nothing will save you, unfortunately.

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