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An Enduro Helmet Equipped with NFC and RECCO Can Save Your Unconscious Life
When was the last time you heard an avid bicyclist say he enjoys wearing a helmet? Personally, I consider myself in that category. I like the wind in my hair, and with that, a certain level of risk is assumed. Go ahead and judge me all you want, or, you could simply present me with one of these puppies.

An Enduro Helmet Equipped with NFC and RECCO Can Save Your Unconscious Life

Tectal Race Spin NFCTectal Race Spin NFCTectal Race Spin NFCTectal Race Spin NFCTectal Race Spin NFCTectal Race Spin NFC
It’s not much when you look at it, after all, it is still just a helmet. Or is it? Let’s start off by saying that so far, 90 percent of customers have considered this helmet as being one of the most comfortable ones they have ever worn.

It’s called the Tectal Race Spin NFC. And brings with it one of the safest and most affordable helmets around. First, we’ll get into what makes it so comfortable and affordable, and after we’ll run through all the other bells and whistles it includes.

Just to get an idea of what it is we’re talking about here, let’s begin by saying that the medium/ large helmets come in at only 0.811 lbs. (368 g). This is in tune with the norm. A unibody shell construction was used in creating the helmet and all is fully wrapped to improve its strength. A PC shell covering helps offer improved protection against sharp objects.

To raise the level of comfort for the Tectal, the team at POC issued their patented pending SPIN shearing pads. This design helps offer one of the most comfortable helmets around, coupled with POC’s knowledge of ventilation systems allowing for maximum breathability and protection.

Improvements to the structural integrity of the helmet are also offered by aramid bridge technologies. What these bridges offer is protection that is dispersed over a larger surface area in case of an impact. Think of it like this, when you hit something, the impact is focused in one small area, causing a huge amount of damage onto that area. These bridges take that force and distribute it onto as large a surface area as possible. This in turn helps lower the amount of damage. It’s like taking a punch to the nose, as compared to the gut.

But the Tectal Spin NFC offers much more than just protection and comfort. It will literally save your life, and in more ways than one.

Being a product meant for the enduro world, it’s bound to have a couple of extra tricks in its bag. One of the major benefits you get when purchasing a Spin NFC is that little NFC bit. Yes, exactly like near-field-communication. But why would a helmet need NFC. Well, here’s a scenario for you.

You’re out for the races one Sunday morning, and as you’re ripping it through some back woods, your front tire jams into some rock you had visually missed. Going 40 mph (65 kph) you flip and are knocked out by your bike landing on top of you. A couple of minutes later another rider finds you and calls for paramedics. On the scene, no one knows who you are, you’re unconscious and slightly unrecognizable.

One of the medics takes out his phone and puts it near your helmet. Suddenly, the paramedic knows who you are, what other accidents you may have had, what you are allergic to, who to contact in case of emergencies, all that. Offering first responders' vital information as to who, what, when, how, and why allows them to take control of the situation as efficiently as possible.

Now, let’s say that no one saw you crash. What then? Well, after a few hours, someone is bound to start looking for you. To help them do that, this helmet includes proven RECCO radar reflection tech.

For an easy 250 bones, this is a helmet that even I would consider buying, especially since I'm starting to go bald, and I can’t say that I ride without one to feel the wind in my hair anymore.

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