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An Electric 19-Seater With a 100% Bio-Based Cabin Is Gearing up for Regional Operation

Replacing conventional propulsion systems with electric alternatives is just part of the holistic approach to zero-emission, sustainable commercial flights. For the French company Aura Aero, this also includes the use of recycled materials for aircraft and support for a circular economy.
Era is a future 19-seat electric aircraft with a recycled cabin 6 photos
Era Regional AircraftEra Regional AircraftEra Regional AircraftEra Regional AircraftEra Regional Aircraft and Integral Training Aircraft
Safran Electrical & Power is one of the biggest players in the European aerospace industry that’s also able to provide what’s considered a “rare expertise” in high-voltage networks. It has recently joined forces with another Toulouse-based aviation company, Aura Aero, for accelerating the development of a regional airplane with 19 seats and a two-seat training aircraft.

Era (Electric Regional Aircraft) is set to revolutionize regional flight operations with a fully electric range of 215 nautical miles (247 miles/400 km) and a 300-knot (345 mph/555 kph) maximum speed. It’s meant to transport up to 19 passengers or 2,500 kg (5,500 lb) of cargo.

There are several other regional electric aircraft projects out there, but Era is unique because it will boast a 100% bio-based cabin, recycled and recyclable. Plus, the manufacturer will use local production facilities and materials in support of a sustainable, circular economy.

Safran will develop the high voltage propulsive architecture for Era’s motors and the non-propulsive solutions that will power the aircraft’s other systems. The electric 19-seater is expected to complete its first flight in 2024 and kick-off operations by 2027.

Until then, Integral E will take to the sky. This is the name of the electric version of a training aircraft with aerobatic capabilities. This flight demonstrator will be powered by Safran’s smart Engineus electric motor that can deliver over 100 kW. The Integral E will be ready to conduct its first flight this year, with deliveries scheduled for 2023.

This next-generation aircraft is a side-by-side two-seater that can operate with zero emissions, soon to be certified by EASA (the European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and FAA (the Federal Aviation Administration).

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