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An Autonomous Truck Is Gathering Data for Volvo’s AI-Based Transport Solution

If there’s one sector that could definitely benefit from autonomous solutions, it’s the logistics industry, where not only are there huge amounts of data that need to be processed, but the safety issue is also accentuated.
A sensor-equipped autonomous truck, with a driver onboard, will be riding in the Port of Gothenburg area. 1 photo
Volvo is playing an important part in the development of alternative solutions that will make transportation more efficient, more sustainable and a lot safer. Besides introducing next-generation electric trucks on the market, the company is also paving the way for autonomous transport solutions. A pioneering commercial project has recently been launched, as a first step towards a future automated supply chain.

Volvo Autonomous Solutions partnered up with the Port of Gothenburg, in Sweden, the shipping and logistics company DFDS, property company Platzer Fastigheter and port operator APM Terminals, to roll out a commercial pilot project in the Gothenburg Port area, which is the largest port in Scandinavia.

This is where a sensor-equipped truck, with a driver onboard, will be riding on confined port areas, but on public roads as well, in order to collect data that will be used to develop the artificial intelligence of the future autonomous system. The autonomous truck that will be driven around the Arendal area in Gothenburg has 21 sensors, including radars, lidars and cameras, which are designed to improve visibility.

This way, the system is able to detect objects that are in its close proximity, as well as smaller ones, that are further away on the road. The sensors will be collecting data from the vehicle’s surroundings, and, together with the feedback from the driver onboard, this information will be used to improve existing knowledge about complex traffic situations that occur on a daily basis.

The point of this is to further improve the artificial intelligence that’s at the basis of a future automated and connected supply system, for better safety, first of all, and for overall better efficiency.

After Gothenburg, Volvo plans to test this pioneering solution in other international ports as well, on its way to commercializing a fully autonomous transport solution.

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