Auto Mechanic Explains Why You Should Never Buy a Six-Cylinder Subaru Boxer Engine

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Subaru and Porsche are the only carmakers that use the boxer engine design nowadays. Even if most of the variations that are out in the world already or are available for purchase now are known as reliable power units, this U.S. auto mechanic stands by his belief – the man does not want you to buy the six-cylinder boxer engine made by the Japanese brand.
Scotty Kilmer is known by many as the mechanic-turned-YouTuber that decided to share everything he thinks of with his followers, even though this practice attracted some ridicule and, at times, generated some controversy. However, the man kept going at it and never stopped uploading daily content on the Google-owned platform.

In one of his latest videos, Kilmer strongly recommends his fans avoid the six-cylinder boxer made by Subaru and advises owners to always complain if they have a problem with a new car and want to get it fixed at no cost. He argues that theflat-six was always a problematic power unit. Speaking from experience, Kilmer says some of his customers had their cars’ engines blow up at unexpectedly low mileage. In his opinion, this happened because the engines were not rebuilt correctly when the valves had to be replaced.

“Just remember, stay away from six-cylinder Subarus,” said Kilmer.

The mechanic makes these statements while sitting in front of a 2014 Subaru Forester which had its four-cylinder boxer engine block replaced after the owner repeatedly complained about having to add too much oil. This service operation was refused initially, but the company eventually caved in. This, of course, happened after a series of tests.

Changing the entire engine block for free was needed at 80,000 miles because the piston rings were of low quality. This prompted the pistons to wear the engine block because it was made from aluminum. After another 60,000 miles were added to the odometer, the fixed engine didn not burn oil anymore. However, Scotty Kilmer remains convinced that you should avoid Subaru’s turbocharged boxer engines because “it will burn out faster.”

Subaru currently has made only two recalls for some 2014 Subaru Forester models – one for the brake lights switch and another for the backing of the carpeted floor mats.

Subaru uses the boxer engine in all its vehicles. The company has been developing this power unit since 1966.

Now watch what Scotty Kilmer has to say, and don’t forget to share with us your experience or opinion down below.

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