An $8K Rebate To Buy a Rally Race Car in Canada? Sounds Like a Killer Deal From Subaru

While Subaru’s northern wing pulled their sponsorship for rally racing as of the 2018 season, Subaru Canada is now offering an $8,000 rebate aimed at getting you to convert your own car on the wild side.
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While it is surprising that Subaru pulled out of Canadian rally racing given their success in rally racing, it’s not a surprise that they want to incentivize Canadians to take to the roads in their vaunted vehicles.

Subaru Canada once competed in rally sport via Subaru Rally Team Canada, but that participation was done by 2018, at least as far as the Canadian Rally Championship goes. While the company is still a sponsor of the sport, they decided to come up with a staggeringly smart strategy to get rally enthusiasts to stay in the game.

As of now, If you purchase a new Subaru in Canada - and promise to compete in rally sport events on your wheels - Subaru will give you an $8,000 rebate ($10,000 Canadian). To be fair, you will have to meet some rules to get your money.

Those are that you must be a resident of Canada, have earned a Canadian Rally Championship license, buy your car through an authorized Canadian Subaru dealer and build out the car to meet rally-spec from the CRC.

To that end, the car must include a roll cage, be equipped with safety harnesses, have a set of fire extinguishers, include a safety kit and be upgraded with competition-approved seats. And that’s just the obvious requirements of the rulebook, and there are a number more of them included in the 2021 Canadian Rally Championship rule book.

Given that the resulting car won’t be particularly useful on the local highways and byways outside of competition, you can certainly spend that massive rebate check on building out your dream rally Subaru, so there’s that anyway.

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