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Americans May Have Invented the Teardrop, but Australia's Wild Monkey Campers Perfected It
One of my favorite camper styles is the teardrop. Why? Simply because they can pack all the essentials of off-grid living into an easy-to-tow machine. However, this design seems unchanged for decades, which begs the question: Can a teardrop be taken to the next RVing level?

Americans May Have Invented the Teardrop, but Australia's Wild Monkey Campers Perfected It

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The answer is a clear-as-day yes! However, I was blown away to see that the classic American teardrop camper has been redefined not by an American team but by an Australian crew. Frankly, it doesn't surprise me as the RV machines to come out of Australia are considered beasts in all sense of the word.

Folks, Wild Monkey Campers. That's the name of the crew we'll be exploring today. And why should you even bother remembering them for your subsequent camper purchases? Because they've taken the age-old teardrop camper and perfected it. This is achieved with over 20 years of industry experience, top-of-the-line CNC machinery, and good ol' elbow grease. Some of the components are even handcrafted, bringing a certain something to each camper they produce. If you've checked out the gallery, I'm sure you can see that the devil is in the details.

Diving deeper into all that us Wild Monkey, three different campers are available to future owners and generations. Best of all, pricing starts at nothing more than $30,500 Australian for their Splendour DX unit, which roughly equates to $21,100 American, right in line with most teardrops on the market.

The most expensive unit this crew boasts is the Splendour GT, starting at $37,500 Australian, roughly $26,000 American, and this is the most beefed-up model they have. It's capable of handling light off-road excursions, carrying quite the extra load, and is jam-packed with goodies and systems meant to keep you healthy and fed, safe, and comfortable in the Australian Outback.

Now, the main reason why I chose to point out this camper manufacturer is because of the way each finished unit turns out. Sure, the chassis and suspension don't receive the highest rating in my book, but the way each interior and galley is completed just blows me away; everything flows beautifully and invites you to use each space with a smile on your face.

I've got it! I realized what it is that draws me so much to the Wild Monkey teardrops, all those rounded curves and edges seen in the galley. If I were to compare the shapes to anything I've held in my arms throughout my life... it'd have to be my guitar. Had you going for a second, didn't I?

But, unlike my guitar, the sensual curves of these teardrops are there to help offer a place for you to store goods, utensils, foodstuffs, and even hide electrical and water systems. Inside the camper, the same rounded cues and trims are continued, revealing an interior that doesn't make you feel afraid about getting out of bed too quickly; nothing to hit your head against. Areas designed to store clothing, shoes, and other essentials are also available in the living space.

Diving further into all that are these campers, I noticed that the two more expensive units, the LX and GT, are also equipped with nose-storage boxes, not to mention roof racks; the latter feature is present on all three available models. This means extra places where you can bring camping and climbing gear, maybe add an e-bike rack, or just throw a kayak or two onto the roof rack. It's your adventure, do as you please. Considering all three campers feature a max cargo limit of 400 kg (882 lbs), I'm not sure a rooftop tent is the best idea.

At the end of the day, it may be difficult for you to head down to Australia just to pick up an RV, but Wild Monkey Campers' way of building a teardrop is on a level that can inspire your own glamping habitat at home. Just find some established craftsmen and show them these pictures. Good luck, and make sure to comment with photos of how your camper turned out.

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Images in the gallery display all three available models and some custom units built by Wild Monkey Campers.


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