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American Pickers Host Mike Wolfe Loves His 1937 Harley

American TV celebrity Mike Wolfe still enjoys driving those beautiful "time machine" motorcycles he collects. He recently took his 1937 Harley Davidson for a ride and we must admit that is truly one of the most beautiful classics ever made.
Mike Wolfe's 1937 Harley 1 photo
The creator and star of the popular History TV show “American Pickers” is known as having one crazy rusty gold collection. Amongst other things, he is passioned about classic motorcycles and VW Buses.

Having more than a couple of Indians in his garage, he recently took his 1937 dressed-in red Harley for a ride taking his good friend and co-star, Daniel Colby along. Although, from 1977 to 2014 the only motorcycles sold to the public under the Harley-Davidson brand have been heavyweight motorcycles designed for cruising on highways, we are dealing with something else here.

By 1937, all of Harley-Davidson’s fathead engines were equipped with dry-sumo recirculation systems similar to the one introduced in the “Knucklehead” OHV engine. We are talking 80 cubic inches (1,300 cc) engine that will make that trip a hell of a ride.

But the 1937 Harley is not the only antique Mike Wolfe holds for his collection. In fact, the oldest work of art that still has its pieces all together is a 1912 Indian Motorcycle. On the other hand, that one is pretty rusted so there is no hpe in seeing it on the road.


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