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America's $84K Everest Tiny House Is Officially Unobtainable; Demand Is Just That High
Folks, as you know, necessity is the mother of invention. I'm not sure why tiny homes are such a hot necessity, but it could be the ability to give owners a true feeling of freedom. And what better a team to show us the way than an American crew from right here in Atlanta, Georgia?

America's $84K Everest Tiny House Is Officially Unobtainable; Demand Is Just That High

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Mustard Seed Tiny Homes is a manufacturer from Atlanta with a simple goal in mind: to help future owners achieve the lifestyle they've always wanted, you know, the free-as-a-bird kind. If that's not enough, this team is also heavily involved in humanitarian aid, often helping erect homes for people with a lesser ability to do so themselves. Whether for financial or physical support, they partner with Ground Zero Grace non-profit organization.

As for the construction we'll be briefly living in today, it's one designed for those with a love of adventure and the mobile lifestyle. It's been dubbed the Everest, and with a name like that, your brain should already be getting an idea of what to expect. The only aspect that isn't very Everest-like is this home's price, starting at nothing more than $84,000 (€79,800 at current exchange rates).

The unit we'll be walking through today does include an array of upgrades and options that require a bit more than just $84K, but if you like what you see, you too can receive a home just like this one. Once you've picked up your Everest, you'll notice that it's created using a blend of wood and other composites and metals.

Together, they offer a slightly rustic blend with a touch of modern design. A slanted roof and windows on just about any wall complete the image you're looking at. All that's then set up on a tri-axle trailer, giving you the true freedom to explore any lands you wish.

As neat and clean as the exterior may appear, it's really inside that Everest shows off just what Mustard Seed can achieve. Not only will owners be privy to spaces like downstairs and upstairs bedrooms, but a living room, closet spaces, staircases, and anything else a modern home can feature, is found at your fingertips.

Imagine this: you've found the campgrounds you'll be staying at for the next few days, and hook everything up. Heck, you even added an exterior deck to your Everest. Picture finishing the setup and having a cold brew with your friends and family on the deck as you watch the setting sun. With dinnertime coming up, someone draws the short straw and has to cook for the gang. Don't worry, everything you need is there, including an oven and full range.

With bellies full, everyone retires to their designated sleeping spaces, and before closing those eyes, you can read a book or peer at the world around through the windows found in every room. The following day, breakfast will be enjoyed once again on the deck or indoors, and then it's off to the day's adventure. With e-bikes charged and/or kayaks at the ready, you lock up and head out, only to return to a home equipped to wash, feed, and rest your adventurous bones. I'm starting to understand the appeal behind the tiny living wave.

Since homes like these are typically custom, yours will look different than what you see here, but the quality of work will be just as good as what you see here. You'll be able to access hardwoods, tiles, semiprecious metals, and many more; build your idea of the perfect home. I couldn't spot any skylights, but I'm sure that your money can buy just anything.

Finally, what you need to understand is that Mustard Seed is currently facing a huge interest in their homes and, for the moment, is holding back from taking new orders. It may be all these articles we're writing about them. For now, put your temptations on hold, but be ready.

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