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Amazon Music’s Latest Update Brings an Unexpected Car Mode Interface

File this article under the better late than never category, as Amazon has recently decided to update the mobile apps providing subscribers with access to its music service with a new UI specifically optimized for the experience behind the wheel.
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Amazon Music isn’t necessarily the most popular music streaming service out there, but it still has a continuously-growing userbase, especially in the United States.

And because the competition in this industry is getting fiercer, with Spotify, Apple, and Google investing aggressively in their products, Amazon has decided to pay more attention to its service as well.

So the latest update includes a dedicated car mode UI for Amazon Music, which is mostly a simplified look with larger buttons and essential information display to the driver so that the app reduces the distraction to the minimum.

The UI has been specifically designed to be easy to use by drivers, so the playing UI doesn’t display too many details besides the playing controls at the top of the screen and the name of the song and artist details.

Without a doubt, the Amazon Music Car Mode is inspired by a similar feature available in Spotify. It's worth noting that Amazon has also designed it so that it can be enabled automatically when your phone connects to the car’s Bluetooth speakers. In other words, you don’t need to enter the car mode manually, as it is automatically triggered when the Bluetooth connection to the speakers is established.

Of course, you can also configure the car mode only to be activated manually.

Car Mode makes it easier to navigate the Amazon Music app in the car with larger text, simple controls, customizable presets, and voice assistance from Alexa,” Amazon explains. “No in-car Bluetooth? No problem. You can launch Car Mode manually. To exit Car Mode, tap the exit Car Mode button or disconnect from Bluetooth.” 

The Car Mode is part of the latest Amazon Music app update for iPhone and Android.


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