Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Looking Through Garbage Bins, Stealing Packages

One Amazon delivery driver tried to make a few extra quid by looting from one client he had also delivered a package to. Sadly (for the dude), the client had CCTV cameras covering all angles.
Amazon delivery driver caught stealing packages his colleague had delivered 7 photos
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Chris Clark from Kilsyth, Scotland, was expecting a few deliveries from Amazon and he grew concerned when he saw that 3 packages had not arrived. He called Amazon and was told that they had been delivered to his home, which is when he decided to check CCTV footage, The Daily Record reports.

To his surprise, he saw that, indeed, the parcels had been delivered – but they were stolen the next day by another Amazon delivery driver, who had come to the house to deliver a smaller package containing some cables. He did so when he realized that there was no one home, but was apparently completely oblivious to the fact that Clark had security cameras covering all the angles.

You can see the footage at the bottom of the page as well. The driver is seen getting out of the van and ringing the door, before going in the back and looking inside the garbage bins. As it turns out, that was Clark’s safe place,” which is where he instructed the other driver to leave his packages if he wasn’t at home when they came.

After placing the cables inside the mailbox, the driver goes to the van and then back to the garbage bins, collecting the parcels inside. He makes 2 trips to the van, unloads them and is off on his day.

Clark says they didn’t contain anything particularly valuable (bowls, batteries and a casserole dish), but he still called the cops on the dude.

“It's absolutely outrageous when you think that someone who you are trusting with your Christmas deliveries and ‘safe place’ to put them is actually capable of stealing those parcels. It's unbelievable,” Clark tells the publication.

“This could have easily been a Christmas present delivery worth £400 to £500 and what if we didn't have CCTV?” Clark adds.

Luckily, he does have CCTV. The driver has been fired by the firm and he is under police investigation.

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