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Alpha Motors Teases Yet Another CGI: Meet the Alpha SAGA Midsize Sedan

Nobody can say that Alpha Motors is a predictable company. After revealing six new car designs, using baristas to present a pickup truck mockup at the Petersen Automotive Museum, and refusing to say who is in charge of the startup, it released a video teaser with yet another CGI. Alpha Motors calls it the SAGA and promises it will be a mid-size sedan.
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Alpha Mosaic Product Experience CenterAlpha SAGAAlpha SAGAAlpha SAGAAlpha SAGA
The official presentation date is November 18, but we have no idea if that is related to the 2021 LA Auto Show or not. Alpha Motors does not appear as an official exhibitor and has no reserved stand at the event. However, it is competing in the ZEVAS (Zero-Emission Vehicle Awards), which will be present in the auto show. It may be the case that the SAGA will be revealed there, but it would make the award even weirder than it already is.

The ZEVAS allows people to vote for their favorite EVs that are for sale, which is perfectly fine. The issue is accepting votes for cars that can only be reserved. That creates a bizarre collection of electric vehicles and, worse still, may lead the public to elect a vehicle that does not exist as the winner. Apart from two Alpha Motors vehicles (ACE and JAX), the list includes the Aptera, Fisker Ocean, Mullen FIVE, Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, Faraday Future FF91, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Tesla Cybertruck.

The difference these EVs have compared to the Alpha Motors projects is that most of them have working prototypes. Some of them have more than one. The Mullen FIVE is our only doubt: it will make its world premiere at the Californian auto show. We are not sure whether Mullen will present a working concept or just a mockup, as Alpha Motors did with the Wolf in the Petersen Automotive Museum.

The mysterious startup did not provide more information about its seventh car project, which will be electric as all its other cars. It just asked a narrator to read a confusing text. He asks: “Who dares to ignite a new generation of cars with an electric soul?” Considering the possibility of thermal runaway events in EVs, that is a very poor choice of words.

The text continues with sentences such as: “Why we move humanity is innovation built different,” whatever that means. "Move Humanity" is the company’s motto, as the baristas Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski presented a while ago. Their video is not publicly listed on the Alpha Motors YouTube channel, but it is still online. By the way, the very definition of innovation is doing things differently.

Apart from the SAGA, Alpha Motors presented another CGI. It shows what the company calls “Alpha Mosaic Product Experience Center.” The only relevant information about it is in the video description, which states the Mosaic is “a modern atmosphere suitable for the presentation of Alpha’s electric vehicles and ecosystem of innovations.” These Alpha centers will include “services such as food & beverage, entertainment, retail, and other accommodations for leisure.” There’s no information on where they will be built or which will be the first one.

With so much secrecy around the company and its products, we should probably just leave it alone until it presents any credible effort to put these vehicles in production or at least presents executives and concrete plans to get there. However – and knowing some people will take the company’s videos and statements as a sure deal – it is our obligation to remind our readers that Alpha Motor Corporation still owes them more info. Explaining how it plans to manufacture seven EV models when Tesla has only four would be an excellent way to begin.

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