Alligator Attacks a Nissan Truck, Tears Its Bumper to Pieces

We don't pay too much attention to the stuff the people in Florida are doing. They like to cook and skin snakes, use V8s in their boats and make houses in the middle of the swap. That's not for everybody.
Alligator Attacks a Nissan Truck, Tears Its Bumper to Pieces 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
But a video where an alligator tears the bumper off a truck, now that's something anybody can enjoy, even the PETA people.

So apparently, this particular snappy fellow has been driven from his home by the recent floods in the area. He's unhappy and not in the mood for any shenanigans. The driver of the truck, on the other hand, has that Rambo spirit, where he feels he's untouchable.

Obviously, the animal is feeling threatened by the large Nissan Frontier driving at him. Backing up isn't in his nature, so he uses those massive jaws to tear the truck a new one… bumper that is.

According to a new study led by Florida State University professor who studied these things, the strongest gator bites down with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 Newtons. That's like a 1.7-ton vehicle crushing you with extreme prejudice. That's why the bumper of the Nissan is torn as easily as you would rip a piece of paper.

Built Ford tough... the gator that is.

You have to wonder why the guy driving the truck though it would be a good idea to drive towards a dangerous wild animal. Let's put it this way, anything we place near a croc's mouth is categorized as an expendable asset. That creature can probably puncture the tire if it wants to, but the explosion would also kill it. Alone with a flat tire in the middle of a gator infested field, now that's a scary thought!

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