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Alleged Leak Reveals How Rockstar Plans to Announce GTA 6

GTA 6 is the next big release of the Grand Theft Auto franchise that everybody is holding their breath for. However, at this point, the available information indicates the game is very unlikely to land earlier than late 2023.
Enhanced version of GTA V coming in the fall 1 photo
But a new alleged leak that made its way to the WWW on 4chan via reddit reveals that Rockstar could end up spilling the beans on GTA 6 much earlier than anticipated.

A few weeks ago, the company announced an enhanced version of GTA V and GTA Online for new-gen consoles, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, with the launch date set for November 11.

According to the leak, the updated version of GTA Online will include a marketing campaign specifically aimed at the upcoming GTA 6, with Rockstar to use live events to tease certain details of the new title.

While very little has been said about this approach, so nobody can guarantee if the whole thing is accurate or just wishful thinking, Rockstar turning to an online game with live events to tease new releases wouldn’t be an industry-first and is totally doable.

For example, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War details have been originally shared in Warzone. Given how many people are still playing GTA Online, it would definitely make sense for Rockstar to turn to a live event to share the details about its new game.

But on the other hand, the timing doesn’t seem right, especially since we’d still be some two years away from the moment GTA 6 is supposed to see the daylight.

If anything, we don’t necessarily expect Rockstar to announce the new Grand Theft Auto earlier than a year before the launch, especially because such news could certainly generate quite a buzz in the gaming world. Keeping the frenzy at high levels until the actual debut of the game would be quite a challenge, even for such a large company.


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