Alleged Hells Angels and Comancheros Members Arrested in Australia [Video Link]

The Australian authorities in Queensland prove they were not at all joking with the new law against the criminal motorcycle gangs: no less than 5 persons have been arrested in Gold Coast, under charges of grouping in public despite belonging to such organizations.
Alleged Hells Angels and Comancheros Members Arrested in Australia 1 photo
The "anti-bikie gangs" law was passed last year as a tough response to the increasing criminal activities of criminal motorcycle gangs activities which resulted in taser guns use and massive arrests during a police action aimed at stopping a huge brawl past September.

Daiel Lovett, 30, alleged to be a sergeant-at-arms in the Melbourne chapter of Hells Angels, alongside Bane Ajajbegovic, Kresimir Basic, Dario Halovic, and Darren Hayley have been taken into custody and are expecting trial. Hayley is suspected of being a Hells Angels prospect, while the remaining three of the group are claimed to be affiliated with the Comancheros.

Since no pleas and no bail have been entered, the 5 are to spend time in jail until the next hearing on February 17. The 5 are expected to plead not guilty.

The Queensland law forbids displaying club colors and allows the police to stop and inspect any group of three or more bikes riding together.

This affair will most likely cause some refinement in the law, as things are still a bit iffy, especially for law-abiding riders. What's obvious however, is that 1%er gangs are facing hard times ahead in Queensland.

If found guilty, the 5 could see 3 years behind bars.

Follow the link for the full report on the alleged Hells Angels and Comancheros arrest.

Source The Examiner
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