Alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Leaks, Could Be Legit

This Sunday, the same teen who claimed he masterminded the Uber hack last Thursday posted on a forum almost 100 videos of alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay in various development stages. Take everything with a mountain of salt, but also note that the main elements from the videos tend to overlap with previously claimed leaks.
GTA V 6 photos
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Let’s start with the beginning. And no, I'm not gonna take you through the usual romp with the “GTA 5 is the best-selling game of all time with over 170 million units sold” shtick where I recap everything under the sun about the games.

The recent alleged leaks hinting where the franchise is heading, especially the ones from July, indicated that, just like in GTA 5, the story would feature more than one protagonist.

This time around, a couple was mentioned in the same vein as Bonnie and Clyde. That would mean that, for the first time ever in a Grand Theft Auto game, we will be able to play with a female. Furthermore, the famous social ironies and jokes about some minority groups have taken a back seat to a more inclusive script.

Important to note is that the alleged leaker says that these videos are in different stages of development, so if they are indeed legit, do not take everything as you see it. That footage could have been totally scrapped or completely revamped by now.

What could make you believe that this could actually be genuine Rockstar-made footage is the fact that the gameplay appears to corroborate previous, completely different sourced information about the protagonists.

As seen in the videos, they are supposedly named Lucia and Jason. In more than one scene, we see either the female or her partner to be fully playable. There’s a short scene at a club where the couple is following around an NPC (non-playable character), which doesn’t reveal much of the gameplay.

But another scene makes Lucia the main robber of a diner, which is basically a one-to-one shot with a famous scene from Pulp Fiction where a couple is also robbing a burger joint. The gameplay video shows the playable female character taking the lead, while her partner makes sure no one does any “funny business.”

I can’t really say anything about the graphics since other NPCs are clearly placeholders, but I do find it funny that the video ends with them stealing a cop car and driving off into the sunset with the money from the cash register. All that nonsense for probably 32 dollars and change.

Editor's note: The photo gallery includes various screenshots from GTA V.


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