All the Sensors in the World Couldn't Help This Poor Tesla Model X Driver

Plenty of people fear the rise of the autonomous technology, seeing it as the end of all that's fun about driving, and they do have a point. Yes, the two - AI- and human-controlled vehicles - will go side by side for a while, but don't you feel that authorities will at one point make it illegal to drive your vehicle on your own, simply because it is less safe?
Tesla Model X on narrow road 6 photos
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Tesla Model X on narrow roadTesla Model X on narrow roadTesla Model X on narrow roadTesla Model X on narrow roadTesla Model X on narrow road
Well, be that as it may, for other people the tech can't come quickly enough. Driving really is a burden for some, and they only do it because they're too poor (or too proud) to afford a driver but too snobbish to use public transport. And you know what? It usually shows.

These are the drivers that clog traffic because if you had to do something you didn't enjoy, you'd be pretty bad at it too. However, this guy from Hong Kong must win some kind of a prize for his performance in the Tesla Model X electric SUV, as should all the other drivers for not lynching him.

Granted, it all happens on the Tai Tam Dam, a road known by Honk Kong locals as the "ultimate driver's test" for its narrow width (five meters or 16.4 feet). Exactly why the local authorities allow such large tourist buses to go there is a bit puzzling, but we guess the clue lies in the "tourist" part and the money they're willing to pay to witness the natural beauty of the area from the first floor of a double-decker.

Anyway, after viewing this video, they might be more inclined to prohibit the access Model X SUVs than the buses, because what you are about to watch definitely qualifies for the "Worst Driver in the World" title.

Don't get us wrong, that was a tight spot. We can see why it would be nerve wracking for the driver to squeeze through there, especially at the wheel of such a wide and expensive vehicle. That's not what makes recommends him for the award. It's the maneuvers he makes before actually venturing into the tiny gap. That's what gives away the fact he either had no idea what he was doing and he only managed to get through unscathed out of pure luck, or he got so nervous he forgot everything he had learned about handling a car since driving school.

The drone footage has no sound, but we imagine that valley echoed with the cheers of all the other drivers and bus passengers as the last inch of the Model X cleared the rear of the bus. This scene, though, is likely to haunt the driver's dreams for quite a while to come.

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