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All-Red Ferrari 812 Superfast Looks Beguiling

When it comes to machines like the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the tiniest exterior details can make a significant difference in terms of the exterior, at least to a trained eye. And we can deliver an example of this, which comes from the 812 sitting before you.
All-Red Ferrari 812 Superfast 4 photos
All-Red Ferrari 812 SuperfastAll-Red Ferrari 812 SuperfastAll-Red Ferrari 812 Superfast
Compared to your standard red Ferrari 812 Superfast, if we might use this adjective, the one we have here comes with color-coded side sections for the rear apron - we're referring to the elements surrounding the tailpipes, which, for instance, came in black for the launch car.

The 800 horsepower toy was recently spotted in a car park in The Netherlands, with its attire helping it stand out even more, which is we decided to enter it into the supercar spec game category - lens tip to Gumbal for the images of the V12 machine.

In fact, this is the second Ferrari livery we bring you today. You see, the previous one involved a Fezza that's even more difficult to get a hold of than the one we have here.

We're referring to the 488 Pista - you have to be a VIP customer to be offered the possibility of purchasing such a special edition.

These days, the lucky few who find their names on the list have started taking delivery of their track specials. And we've come across what might be the craziest-specced example of the 720 horsepower machine to date.

The mid-engined delight is dressed in matte green, with the twin-turbo V8 animal featuring a central stripe that comes in orange.

And while the livery might be surprising to some, those who are tuned into our supercar collection tales might have recognized the combo. That's because we're talking about a machine that belongs in the garage of Greg B.

The aficionado is Internet-famous for the said color mix, owning multiple machines that come in these shades and even use them for the cabin.


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