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All-New Volvo V90 Accurately Rendered Based on S90 Sedan and Scale Models

We may have shown you a rendering of the new Volvo V90 already, but that was just meant to preview the potential Polestar performance model. We found another set that accurately predicts what the big wagon from Sweden will look like.
Volvo V90 rendering 3 photos
2016 Volvo V90 rendering2016 Volvo V90 rendering
RM Design based his images on the S90 sedan that Volvo presented about a week ago. However, we think he did a much better job at copying the rear quarter glass and trunk design. Based on scale models of the V90 that have leaked online, we'd say his images are 90% accurate.

We might as well be looking at the real thing right now because the V90 holds no secrets in the powertrain department either. Sure, it will be a couple of tens of a second slower than is sleek sedan brother, but all the engines will be carried over.

Volvo has failed to show the goods, but leaked specs we received from a trustworthy source suggest a lineup of 2.0-liter engines that closely mirrors that of the XC90. The most interesting is the new D5 AWD model with an anti-lag system called Power Pulse. This works just like a normal engine, only it has a reservoir of compressed air to spin the turbo.

The D5 pushes out 235 HP and 480 Nm, enough for a 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 230 km/h in the S90 sedan. We don't want to undermine BMW's "25d" bi-turbo 2.0-liter or anything like that, but it's the first time in many decades that Volvo has class-leading engine technology on offer.

That said, the V90 will have plenty of competition. While the S90 faces off against a wide array of German, Japanese and American sedans, the wagon has its own share of natural predators. Audi, Mercedes and BMW have all been offering station wagon versions of their A6, E-Class and 5 Series over the years. But all of Volvo's Ikea-attending clientele is obsessed with practicality, so the slight overlap with the XC90 doesn't matter that much.


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