All-New Peugeot E-Rifter Is Here As Europe's Favorite Electric MPV for the Masses

More than a few questions surrounded Peugeot as it entered the multi-national automotive conglomerate and new corporate masters at Stellantis. In a sea of automotive brands from Dodge to Jeep and Lancia to Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo, was there breathing space for a historic French brand like Peugeot to truly prosper? In the emerging all-electric future before us, the all-new E-Rifter is nothing short of an impact statement. Is Europe's future EV leisure vehicle for the masses a Peugeot? From the looks of things, it's very likely.
2024 Peugeot E-Rifter 17 photos
Photo: Stellantis
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Indeed, there's a lot to like about the looks of the all-new Peugeot E-Rifter, based on the ICE-powered standard Rifter, on first impressions. With a cute yet mildly aggressive re-designed front fascia complete with LED headlamps that really complete the look, the E-Rifter is almost Subaru-like in appearance. Like a French interpretation of the old Subaru Forrester given an EV drivetrain, the E-Rifter toes the line between a proper minivan and a large city car perfectly for European drivers.

Sporting a clever modular interior layout adaptable to a host of different needs, from family hauling to carrying cargo, the E-Rifter can carry a slew of different kinds of payloads across a maximum estimated electric range of 320 km (198.8 mi) from a full-battery to completely flat. Because a modern electric MPV needs cool gadgets to maintain its market appeal, the E-Rifter's interior is awash with gizmos that excite as much as the rest of the car does.

With a ten-inch center infotainment screen and another high-def ten-inch screen for a gauge cluster, the E-Rifter is just as adaptable in its interior functionality as high-end luxury EVs worth a lot more. With a leather-covered, heated steering wheel, it's not like cues from old-fashioned luxury aren't a part of the E-Rifter's appeal at times. The newly-designed Peugeot compact steering wheel is a nice treat as well. Befitting a modern EV of its stock, the E-Rifter also carries a suite of 18 different driver assistance systems to keep it as passive to other motorists and pedestrians as possible with modern tech.

With aides tending to lane assistance, automatic emergency braking, bicycle and pedestrian detection, and a full suite of 12 exterior sensors assisting a VisioPark 180° park assist feature, the E-Rifter not only meets the requirements of contemporary family EVs but exceeds them outright. With two wheelbases on offer with the 4,400 mm Standard model and the 4,700 mm Long edition available with five and seven seats, respectively, the E-Rifter is just as adaptable to a rapidly growing European family as its interior space is to different kinds of cargo.

Add on the ability to charge from stone-flat up to 80 percent battery charge with a 100 kW public charge point, and Stellantis might have just found the magic formula to appeal to modern families with modern sensibilities it was looking for. Check back soon for pricing information.
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