All New Homes in the U.K. Are Now Officially Required to Come With Charging Points for EVs

All new homes in the United Kingdom are required to come with an EV charger, under new legislation recently announced by the British government.
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Initially proposed two years ago as a solution to increase electric vehicle adoption in the United Kingdom, the new legislation announced on November 22 requires that homes as well as new buildings such as workplaces and supermarkets, have to install EV charging points starting with 2022.

The government has already supported the installation of more than 250,000 such charge points. Under the new regulations, England will install up to 145,000 more charge points across the country every year, staying committed to the U.K.’s goal to ban diesel and petrol cars from sale by 2030.

Those who are planning to do any largescale renovations and have more than 10 parking spaces are also required to comply with the same law.

Moreover, this transition to electric cars will be facilitated through the introduction of simpler, more convenient ways to pay for EV charging, such as contactless methods that are also less time-consuming.

U.K.’s green industrial revolution is a complex one that also targets other sectors, with Innovate UK (the country’s innovation agency) launching a three-year program to support research and development. Around £150 ($200) million in loans will be offered to green enterprises, helping them grow, facilitating the transition of the country to net-zero.

The Government also announced its plans to invest £10 ($13) million in a first-of-a-kind new hydrogen project in the country’s largest onshore wind farm, located close to Glasgow.

Of course, the U.K.’s bold plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 poses some huge challenges. In order to make the transition to EVs quicker, you have to lower their cost and make them more accessible to all customers. So far, numbers look encouraging though, as according to heycar, by the end of this year, one in ten cars in the U.K. will be electric.


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