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All-New BMW M4 GT4 Does Not Take No for an Answer When It Comes to Winning a Race
After its first functional test in October 2021 and the first test drives held in Almeria in December 2021, the new BMW M4 GT4 has left its old shell at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife test race in April 2022, being now ready to conquer some championships.

All-New BMW M4 GT4 Does Not Take No for an Answer When It Comes to Winning a Race

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The SRO race weekend at the VIRginia International Raceway (USA) was the first official stage for the new BMW M4 GT4 in its completed form. Designed for the sports competition division, the new M4 GT4 has brought together the best of its predecessors, so that private teams and drivers can have a truly competitive race car to rely on.

With the DNA of the BMW M4 GT3, the complete drivetrain of the new GT4 has been adopted from the M4 production model, including the inline-six engine, which is paired with a 7-speed automatic gearbox by ZF with motorsport software, and has an output of up to 405 kW / 550 hp and 650 Nm of torque (depending on regulations).

As a car designed to be used by private BMW M Motorsport teams, the new M4 GT4 has been upgraded in ergonomics and electronics for optimal use on the race track, focusing on issues such as ease of maintenance and operational costs. Human centered and intuitive, the M Track Cockpit has many vehicle settings and checks possible directly via the control elements, making it more time efficient than the classic connection to the laptop.

Engineers placed particular emphasis on cooling, which is always a major challenge in the GT4 class. The purpose-built Recaro safety-seat with ventilation, fixed position and BMW M4 GT4 branding gives confidence to the driver, along with the five-level adjustable motorsport anti-roll bar front and rear.

Some components, like the CFC roof and rear wing concept, have been adopted from the BMW M4 GT3. The use of sustainable materials like lightweight natural fibres on both interior and exterior offered by Bcomp replace carbon and plastic components, and the engine hood with aero designed louvres plays an important role for aerodynamics.

"The car is very easy to drive, and you can feel that it has the DNA of the BMW M4 GT3. The seat position is the same and the car, despite weighing more according to the regulations, is very agile in any kind of corner. The balance is right in fast, medium-fast and slow corners. I am happy with this test and confident that private BMW M Motorsport teams and drivers will also have a lot of fun with the successor to the BMW M4 GT4.”
, said Philipp Eng at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife test race in April 2022.

Other features to be mentioned are the air conditioning and heated windscreen as standard, adjustable GT3 concept Motorsport rear wing (natural fiber), purpose-built KW 2-way shock absorbers with three different H&R spring rates, front camber adjustable with shims, rear toe and camber adjustable with shims, and double-flow brake air cooling.

Among the contributors to the success of this project are Bcomp, H&R, PUMA, RAVENOL and RECARO who provided valuable information and expertise through the experience that each of them has in their field.

In the next period, the BMW M4 GT4 is expected to participate at the Nürburgring Endurance Series and in the 24 Hours of Portimão (POR), while the production for delivery to customers is due to start in October 2022, so the teams can start in time de 2023 season.

The net price of the BMW M4 GT4 has been set at 187,000 euros (around $200,000), and we could say that it is a bargain compared to its big brother, the M4 GT3, which starts at over $500,000.

“Using a wide range of customer feedback, our experienced development team and the new sixth generation BMW M4 based production car has led to a faster, even more reliable and very emotional all new BMW M4 GT4.”
, said Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW M.

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