All Future Jaguars Will Have Optional All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is a really sought-after option, in any kind of car, these days, and it has become a very important selling point, especially in the executive sector and above. Now, according to, all future Jags will be engineered to be compatible with all-wheel drive.
All-Wheel Drive Jaguars 1 photo
Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director said: "I can't think of any model that wouldn't benefit from not having the option of it [. . .] At the moment, we can't take the full grid of engines, models and drivetrains and tick every box and offer them all. We have to prioritise. In the future, we know what it takes to get all-wheel drive."

The current XF and XJ were engineered to be strictly rear-driven, and a new generation of Jags is needed to put this plan into action properly. They are offering all-wheel drive versions of the two aforementioned models, but only in combination with the 3.0-liter V6 engine, and only in left-hand drive form (for the US and Canadian markets, where demand for such a configuration is reasonably high).


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