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All Android Smartphones Could Soon Detect Car Crashes

One Google Pixel feature that many don’t even know exists is called Car Crash Detection, and its purpose is more than obvious.
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Google Personal Safety appGoogle Personal Safety appGoogle Personal Safety appGoogle Personal Safety appGoogle Personal Safety appGoogle Personal Safety app
Using the built-in sensors, Google Pixel phones can therefore figure out if you’ve been involved in a car crash, and if needed, they can reach out to the emergency teams with information like your location.

The whole thing works similarly to fall detection on smartwatches, so if it detects a possible crash, it first asks for input from the user. If the Pixel owner does not respond, then the Google Pixel can trigger the automatic call to emergency teams, with the device capable of automatically sharing critical details, such as the exact location of the possible crash.

Available exclusively on the Google Pixel since March 2020, Car Crash Detection can, in many ways, become a life-saving piece of technology.

And as it turns out, Google knows this as well, and this is why the company is working on bringing it to all Android devices out there. In other words, pretty much any smartphone that runs Google’s mobile operating system will be able to detect a potential car crash once the new feature goes live.

Most likely, it’ll be included in a future Android system update, though device manufacturers will have to test it before the public rollout.

At this point, however, no ETA is available as to when non-Pixel phones should get the Car Crash Detection, but it all seems to be just a matter of time. If anything, there’s a chance the Mountain View-based tech giant is waiting for Android 13, the next big version of its mobile operating system, to start the public rollout to non-Pixel devices.

In the meantime, however, keep in mind that Google has remained completely tight-lipped on the expansion of Car Crash Detection, so you’d better not hold your breath for the public rollout until an announcement is released.


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