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All Aboard the Hype Train: Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 Is the Muscle Truck the Brand Needs

It’s no surprise anymore that most new car buyers today favor crossovers, SUVs, and pickups over the once traditional sedans, wagons, and minivans. The latter three segments are struggling to stay on the competitive side of the market, and the companies behind them are inevitably forced to come up with new solutions to make money.
Chevrolet Silverado - Rendering 7 photos
Chevrolet Silverado - RenderingChevrolet Silverado - RenderingChevrolet Silverado - RenderingChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet SilveradoChevrolet Silverado
So, could one of those solutions mean a full-blown muscle truck from Chevy? With this question in mind, Jlord8 on Instagram set out to imagine what a hypothetical Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 would look like, if the bowtie brand gave it the green light for production.

Regardless if you’re into go-fast workhorses or not, it’s hard to deny the coolness of such a model. First of all, it looks ready to hit the track, and the drag strip, with a mean design somewhat inspired by that of the company’s range-topping muscle car, the Camaro ZL1, which guns for the likes of the V8-powered Ford Mustangs, bar the Shelby GT500 that boasts more oomph, and the Hellcat versions of the Dodge Challenger.

Setting it apart from the regular Silverados is the redesigned front end, with a new grille, repositioned corporate logo, deleted reflectors, and different bumper, with attached apron, much bigger than the one equipping the Camaro ZL1. The hood is more aggressive over stock, it has new side skirts and rear bumper, fender flares, and bigger wheels, with red brake calipers visible behind them. Also, it sits much closer to the ground and has a single cab body style.

A real Silverado ZL1 would likely use the same firepower as the Camaro ZL1, namely the supercharged 6.2-liter V8, making 650 horsepower. But should you hold your breath for such a model? That would be a no, as even though it would be doable, it is very likely that Chevy will not risk spending millions of dollars on research and development.


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