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Alfa Romeo Stelvio's Headlight Gets Scooped, Here's How It Looks Up Close

Alfa Romeo’s first-ever SUV, the Stelvio, will be showcased next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio headlights comparison 1 photo
Until then, the Italian brand has skimped out on photos of the upcoming model, and all we have are spyshots. Fortunately, some die-hard fans of the Milanese brand have managed to capture images of the SUV that should change the fate of the company, with the aid of the Giulia sedan.

A group of aficionados of the Italian brand runs a Facebook page named Alfa Romeo Project 950, and they posted a photo comparison of the left headlight of the Giulia put above the left headlamp of the Stelvio. As you can observe, the two units resemble each other to a significant degree.

The Giulia’s headlamp has a chromed line inside it that is not replicated in the same way for the Stelvio, while the SUV from Alfa Romeo will have a different looking frame for the lens of the xenon light. The Stelvio also comes with a chromed element in the upper part of the lamp, which is posted towards the front grille.

At this point, you do not need to be an expert in cars or photography to be able to discern that the two headlights were shot from different angles.

A trained eye will also observe different lighting conditions, which always bring other reflections in a picture, especially when it is made using a smartphone camera that can only do so much.

The overall shape of the headlamps is almost unchanged, but we cannot know if the two units are interchangeable. While close-up shots might make the headlights of the Giulia seem identical to those of the Stelvio when size and shape are concerned, only a face-to-face comparison will tell the truth on this matter.

Regardless of the dimensions of the headlamps used by the Giulia or the Stelvio, the first SUV ever made by Alfa Romeo will be showcased next month. That is when we will finally see its production version, and only then will anyone be able to comment its design. Until then, we can only trust that it will be designed to be as attractive as possible.


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