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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Coupe Wins All the SUV Beauty Contests

A couple of months ago, a plus-sized model by the name of Paola Torrente took second place in Miss Italy, despite what the critics had to say about her. And it's about time, considering our view of beauty is changing on a global scale.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Coupe Wins All the SUV Beauty Contests 3 photos
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Coupe Wins All the SUV Beauty ContestsAlfa Romeo Stelvio Coupe Wins All the SUV Beauty Contests
The classic shape of a BMW 507 or C1 Corvette just isn't going to cut it anymore. People from all walks of life have fallen in love with SUVs, big and small. Even the Italians are assembling Jeeps.

But if you're worried the decisions American brands are shaping the future of Italian brands... yeah, you're right. I mean, we're talking about the first Alfa Romeo SUV, a project that's been a ridiculous time in the making.

Because this is such a young, constantly evolving segment people have trouble expressing what they want. They're all SUVs, but how does the Mercedes G-Class relate to the Dacia Duster.

Do you want less practicality, more style - that's as personal a question as "did you vote for Donald Trump?" or "do you dig plus-sized models?".

To justify the existence of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Coupe, you have to turn the multi-car garage mantra on its head. The Ferrari is what you use for special occasions, and the Cayenne is for everything else. But why not have two types of SUVs instead?

To make the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Coupe, Theophilus Chin made a number of small changes. He increased the rake of the front and rear windshields, chopped the roof and lengthened the front doors. A slight raising of the suspension makes the Stelvio look a little bigger than it actually is.

From the back, you could swear you're looking at a hatchback-based coupe, like the old Megane RS or the VW Scirocco. Sure, it's quad exhaust is connected to a Ferrari-tuned V6, but every four-banger now has four pipes. Meanwhile, from the front, it's like a jacked up version of the Giulia Coupe that Alfa never made.

So, is this your Miss Italy?


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