Alfa Romeo Palade Rendering Shows Italian Brand Joining EV Segment with a Bang

Alfa Romeo Palade rendering 6 photos
Photo: Alessandro Capriotti via Instagram
Pre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo Tonale
At this moment, Alfa Romeo is more at threat of going out with a fizzle than doing anything with a bang, but a short sequence of good models should be enough to get the Italian carmaker floating again.
However, there is one problem we can see with this scenario. Let us explain. As a brand that relies mostly on its tradition - let's face it, given its current sales and model range, you could say Alfa Romeo essentially only exists in the past - the best way to make a comeback would be to tap into its reservoir of great classic models and reboot one or two. Yes, but there's a catch.

The Alfa Romeo lineage was built mostly on sports cars, and that's the last segment you can call upon to boost your sales these days. Think more in the region of SUVs and crossovers, which is what the market seemingly only cares about, and which are thoroughly lacking from Alfa Romeo's past.

It's a bit of a "Catch 22" situation for the Italians, but they seem determined to snap out of this bad spell, nonetheless. Well, they already have the Stelvio and the Tonale is about to be launched, and recent rumors talk about a third model in this quickly growing range of Alfa Romeo crossovers, which might or might not be called Palade.

The name follows the scheme that's apparently in use at Alfa Romeo that borrows the names of famous Alpine passes in the north of Italy (after Stelvio and Tonale), but it's nothing more than speculation at this point. Even so, Italian design master Alessandro Capriotti seems to believe it's a good match because he used the moniker for his latest creation, a personal interpretation of what the smallest member of the manufacturer's SUV range might end up looking like.

The big news about the Palade (for the lack of a better name, we'll call it that) is that it should come with both ICE and all-electric powertrains. Electric power could actually be Alfa Romeo's saving grace since the market is still young (at least compared to conventionally powered vehicles), and if the Italian brand can make a quick and strong impression, it might establish itself as one of the big names in the game.

When it comes to EVs, people don't look so much at the brand as they do at the specs. If the Alfa Romeo car gets a good range and decent dynamic performance, then it's in with a chance. However, considering it will be based on the existing platform used by PSA/Opel EVs, it's hard to imagine how the Italians could come up with any technical improvements.

What they could do, though, is to put on the market the most beautiful small crossover the world has ever seen, which, to be fair, wouldn't be entirely unexpected from Alfa. We'll let you decide whether Alessandro's proposition is or isn't that, but we can all agree the overall shape and the front half of the car looks great. We're not entirely sure what's going on at the back, but all in all, while probably not enough to save Alfa Romeo on its own, this Palade electric crossover might at least be a very good start. As they say in Italy, dita incrociate.

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Editor's note: Pre-production Alfa Romeo Tonale shown in the gallery

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