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Alfa Romeo Giulia Spotted In China, It Might Get Launched There

Alfa Romeo’s Giulia has been already unveiled, but a mysterious example has been spotted while driving on Chinese streets.
Alfa Romeo Giulia in Chinese traffic 1 photo
Most likely, the Italian automaker is testing a Giulia on Chinese soil, bringing back rumors that announced the brand’s launch on the world’s largest car market. Alfa Romeo was expected to launch in China in 2011, but the brand from Milan has not been introduced in the country so far.

According to Car News China, the publication that received the first image of the Giulia on national roads, the all-new Giulia could be made at the local Guangzhou-Fiat joint venture. However, as they noted, the Alfa Romeo brand is not that known in China as it is in Europe or even the USA.

The biggest problems for Alfa Romeo in the event of a potential launch of a new model in the Chinese market would be investing in a dealer network, and setting up a marketing campaign to let customers know they exist.

Since the brand was never available officially in China, it is easy to see the difficulties that will be faced by those that want to launch it there.

At the time of the first news of Alfa Romeo coming to China, the Italian brand had a portfolio made up of three models. We are writing about the aging MiTo, the exciting 4C, and the stylish Giulietta. Even at that point, the Italian brand did not have a dealer network in China, and their local partners at Guangzhou Auto were not oriented towards the premium segment of the automotive world.

A launch in the Chinese market might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for Alfa Romeo, but the costs associated with the introduction of a new brand on a market could prove fatal for the troubled company.

After all, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is struggling to fund all of its projects, and Alfa Romeo has not been profitable for a long time, but the Giulia was presented as its potential savior. Will it be enough for China?


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