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Alfa Romeo Giulia Q Pickup Truck, the Rendering Worth Lusting For

Nowadays, not educating your children when it comes to the dangers of the world wide web qualifies for a parenting failure. Well, if your little one happens to be a car aficionado, you should warn him or her about the fairy tale-grade renderings that are now a thing on the internet.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Pickup Truck 1 photo
After all, you wouldn't want your little one to reach the real world and be disappointed about all the awesome contraptions displayed online that don't have street corespondents, would you?

Let's take the Alfa Romeo Giulia pickup truck in the pixel arrangement above, for example. Coming from digital artist X-Tomi, the image gives us a good idea of how a Giulia would look if it decided to put on the blue collar.

Australian UTE and bed fans, in general, shouldn't hold their breath for such a model. Sure, Fiat Chrysler's limited budget has determined the automaker's engineers to become masters of variations and special editions. But, as much as Alfa plans to conquer the US market with the Giulia, the working man's version we see here won't happen.

Even so, such a four-wheeled creature would make for an awesome sleeper. We all know the Giulia Quadrifoglio currently holds the record for the fastest RWD sedan on the Nurburgring, so why would the pickup version be slower?

We'll remind you the US-spec Alfa Romeo Giulia is animated by a Ferrari-developed 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6, which churns out 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of twist. There's also a "base" model, which uses a 2.0-liter turbo four with 276 hp, so this isn't exactly a slouch, either.

Since the Giulia Q has been threatening the BMW M3 ever since it was launched, the pickup truck rendering seen above only seems natural - BMW did actually build an (E92) M3 pickup truck back in 2011, but while the car was real, its purpose was to deliver April 1st giggles. A wave of M3 and M4 pickup truck renderings obviously followed.


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