Alfa Romeo Giulia CrossWagon Looks Like an A4 allroad Rival

We’ve seen the new Alfa Romeo Giulia rendered in all sorts of forms, including a coupe and a convertible. But this digital image is different, it’s got something we haven’t seen the Italians do in many years.
Alfa Romeo Giulia CrossWagon 1 photo
Of course, everybody believes Alfa Romeo isn’t going to make a wagon since that won’ sell in the US or China. But if they did and also installed the trick suspension on it, that would be something good to compete with the Audi A4 allroad.

Why would Alfa, a sporty brand, want such a car? Because SUVs are big business these days, and they need to discover their wild, adventurous side.

Of course, some of you might remember the 156 CrossWagon from many years ago. It was good, but the industry has moved on since then in many ways. Audi’s next A4 allroad will have things like suspension that adapts to the road ahead and a rear-mounted limited slip differential. Mercedes are also thinking of joining the segment, and their SUVs are a little more luxurious than everybody else’s.

Fiat’s red-hot premium brand has set itself an ambitious target to sell 400,000 cars per year by the end of the decade. That means they will have their hands full with developing a whole bunch of more mainstream models. Still, the Giulia Crosswagon might be something to keep in mind.


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