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Alfa Romeo CEO Says He Doesn’t Sell an iPad With a Car Around it

Some companies that sell cars like to say they are computers on wheels or that they are not automakers, but rather technology companies that sell cars. That may have the applause of folks who do not like driving. As people who love to be behind the steering wheel see it, that is just a shame.
Jean-Philippe Imparato 8 photos
Stellantis electrification roadmap for premium marquesStellantis electrification roadmap for premium marquesPre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo TonalePre-production Alfa Romeo Tonale
When all companies adopt electrification, they fear the art of driving will be lost. Jean-Philippe Imparato was quick to dismiss that with Alfa Romeo. The company’s CEO provocatively stated this would not happen on his watch.

Imparato was having an interview with BFM Business. He was discussing how the company will start electrification in 2024 and complete it by 2027, selling only EVs. When he was explaining that the sound can be designed to offer a complete driving experience – to remind people of the GTV or Giulietta they had in the past – the executive said this:

“For Alfa Romeo, I have a very particular position: the pilot, the driver at the center, the least possible number of screens in the vehicle... I do not sell an iPad with a car around it. I sell an Alfa Romeo.”

That was an exquisite way of making fun of the executives that profess software is all that matters in the future, adding as many gimmicks as possible. As Imparato stressed, Alfa Romeo has more than 200 clubs worldwide for the people who love the sound its engines make, apart from other aspects of the brand’s cars. So much so that many owners state these engines are musical.

It will be amusing to see how Imparato and his team will offer alfisti all over the world the same experience they currently have with engines when electric motors will power all the new Alfa Romeo cars. Handling will have to be impeccable to ensure the Cuore Sportivo will not miss the beats of combustion engines.


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