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Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept Teaser Released

Sorry to burst you bubble, but the title we chose for this piece is a little misleading, we admit. Teaser, by all intents and purposes, is supposed to represent a glimpse to something new, exciting yet non-revealing, one which would make you crave some more. Unfortunately, in our case here, the teaser Alfa Romeo calls a teaser is more of a photo of the car maker's badge, as seen from the front of the car. And we all know by now how an Alfa logo looks like. Hopefully though, the car that hides behind the logo is quite a sight for sore eyes. Especially because the teaser we show you here comes accompanied with a little bit of incredible info. According to WorldCarFans, the 4C concept is based on the... KTM X-Bow. Intended as a successor (perhaps a more production-like one) to the 8C Competizione, the model is said to be powered by the 1.8l four-cylinder TBi MultiAir unit which develops 265 PS. When the model hits the streets, if it actually does, sources say it will be called Alfa Romeo 1750SS and it will be the less glamorous production version of the 8C, as an insider said earlier this week. "The 8C has been a very successful halo car. What we need next is a more affordable follow-up model that spreads the message over a wider customer base." autoevolution will be attending the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, so stay tuned for some real up close and personal shots of the vehicles, as well as for first-hand details of the motorized contraptions presented at the event.


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