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Alfa Romeo 4C Crashed in Italy

Ever wonder why you shouldn’t take a sportscar out in bad weather? There’s plenty of reasons, like the loss of grip, the fact that the rear end will want to get away from you and the tires might aquaplane.
Alfa Romeo 4C 1 photo
But it’s the job of the automotive test engineers to drive these cars on the limit to make sure they are both fun and safe. On a wet, cold day in Italy, a prototype for the Alfa Romeo 4C was spotted crashed by the side of the road.

The Italian sportscar is leaning against a pole by the side of the road and looks like it will need some assistance to get out. Unfortunately, another test driver arrives on the scene in a car that’s not exactly suited to towing, a Maserati prototype.

The debut of the 4C has been delayed as it is, and we don’t think they needed another setback.

Editor's note: The guy filming the whole thing drives a very German, very front-drive Polo GTI, and we bet we know what he's thinking.

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