Alfa Romeo 159 Successor Delayed for 2014

Alfa Romeo is an all-mighty brand name in the automotive world, but right now, we’d struggle to say that many good things about them right now other than the fact that they have decent colors and some nice chrome-work.
Alfa Romeo 159 1 photo
The only two models on the market right now are the MiTo and the Giulietta, but there used to be a time when you could say “I don’t want a BMW, I want this 159,” or “that GT is one very special-looking coupe.”

Still, Alfas of the past had plenty of faults, like the monstrously inefficient front end of the 159 and the terrible economy of those very beautiful V6 engines with chrome manifolds.

We’ve always thought that Fiat Group was stretch too thin, and now this becomes even more evident, as What Car? reports the successor to the 159 will once again be delayed.

The car that will most likely be called the Giulia, will only arrive in 2014. Previous reports stated the 4C sprotscar is also going to be a year late, so we’re certain now that the US return of the Alfa brand will either start with the existing cars or will be postponed.


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