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Alfa Rome 4C First Prototype Spotted

BMW takes a whole new prototype out for a walk every other week, but for Fiat Group money seems to be tight. They’ve got a whole new family of Maseratis to develop, Alfa Romeos for the US and a few more Fiats, all while dealing with one of the most bitter European markets in decades.
4C prototype 1 photo
With such conditions, it’s no wonder that the development of the Alfa Romeo 4C sportscar has been delayed time and time again. The concept car was shown last year and according to the original plans should have been here by now, but the first prototype for the car has only now been spotted on the road.

All the panels are covered up, but the unmistakable shape of the 4C is there. The car will be rear-engined and rear wheel drive, motivated by a 1,750cc turbo-four with “over 200 hp”. It’s expected the top variant will have 300 horsepower and the base model somewhere around 250, though speculations about the output have been wildly varied and inaccurate.

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