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Alfa Brings a 4C to Venice

No, not Venice in Las Vegas, the real Venice, the cultural hub of Italy, always flooded and always beautiful at the same time.
The great city of Venice played host to an event organized by Alfa Romeo to promote the new 4C sportscar to the people with the big $$ who are going to buy it. The car had to be brought in by boat and craned onto the crammed platform. The 100% Italian sportscar looks like a jewel in the crown of the city, especially since this is a new car finished in white.

The amazing little play toy from Alfa is supposed to spearhead a market offensive into the US soon. It's powered by a small 1.8-liter engine which only produces 240 hp, yet because it weighs only 895 kg, the 4C takes only 4.5 seconds.


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